Why GrandPad

grandpad simple and secure
Simple Secure & Fun For Mom
  • Big colorful icons and larger text make it easy for mom to use.
  • Safe from malware, telemarketers and scammers.
  • Engaging games for memory and mental skills.
just what grandma needs GrandPad
Just what Grandma needs
  • Call, Email, photos and videos, music, internet encyclopedia, games, etc.
  • No confusing choices or pop-ups, or any passwords to confuse her.
  • New content from friends and family automatically appears on the GrandPad - she is always connected.
family member benefits of GrandPad
Family Member Benefits
  • It takes just 10 minutes to connect family members.
  • The family companion app automatically downloads, installs and logs you in.
  • Remote management eliminates all the frustration you had getting a laptop or iPad to work.
GrandPad helps grandma be independent
Helps Grandma be independent
  • Grandma can take and send pictures to family members.
  • Grandma doesn't need to call family members for help boosting her independence.
  • Grandma is "in the know" with photos, videos, and weather for each family member.
GrandPad never miss a memory
Never Miss a Memory
  • Babies being born, graduations, and weddings will all be shared with mom.
  • Getting a voice attached email from your mom is priceless: you can save those forever!
  • Memories need to be shared and this is Grandma's legacy.
GrandPad exceptional customer support
Support is One Tap Away
  • Our member agents love to talk to and help Grandma.
  • We send curated emails from over 40 topics to Grandma.
  • Grandma is never lonely when she has a GrandPad!

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